Sunday, 29 April 2007

Bell' end

Just back from Bellingham, and find "The Adventure Show" is on tv. Cameron McNeish pops up to Lochnagar. Hmm, if I'd thought about it earlier, I wonder if I could have got an hour of Cameron's walks out of the tv series that he occasionally appears on.


The posts that finally got through have had the photos stripped off them before being added to my blog. Sorry.


Backpacker Magazine has a YouTube channel (link). I'll need to raid these later.


Photos posted now.

DSC00140DSC00140 Hosted on Zooomr


John Hee said...

thanks for all the reports AM - looks like a spiffing time was had by all
Are you going to do a post event round-up so we can work out what it was all about in the end, compared to what it was possibly intended to be?

AktoMan said...

A post-event round up isn't really up to me, John. I hope it is run again. I've been to wargames events and re-enactments (with their traders rows) and see the similarities. It's not my place to suggest extra work for people who did dashed well getting the weekend organised.

Michael G Clark said...

Bell-end! That's terrible even for you.

Looked like a lot of fun though, have to catch up soon for full story.

AktoMan said...


We'll need to catch up sometime, Mike. We've just to finish off the Firefly series and Serenity movie. Poor Wash :( I think that every time I play the Jayne song and Wash goes "We've got to go to the cr@ppy town where I'm a hero".

I'll need to collect the rest of GITS Gig 2, then we can move onto that. Ahh, Kusanagi.