Sunday, 22 April 2007


Since returning from the Southern Upland Way, I've spend the week compiling the YouTube feeds and catching up with emails and action on OutdoorsMagic. The only ongoing problem with my feet are the wee toes, and then only the itch as dead skin is replaced.

As you may have gathered, something as big for me as a 2 week through-hike, is going to lead to some changes in approach and gear.

  • The large pack of unused waterproofs
  • Bulky food
  • Repowering mobile phone
  • Length of tent pole sections

Called FastAndLight and ordered a pair of Montrail Namches. As the call was on Skype, I had a good chat with Craig, and ordered a more modern lighter waterproof jacket too. I'll be back for the trousers when the 2007 stock comes in at the end of May. He told me about a diet, and I ordered the book, "The Paleo Diet for Athletes" from Amazon, as I already had a couple of dehydrator recipe books on order.

I went with the previously mentioned Insul mat, and Stef/BG is adding it to his order. Also 'won' from eBay a new USB charge-head for my phone to replace the broken one. I noticed that GadgetsQuick sell a charge head for my phone that looks like it may fit the rotary charger that I had given away to a mate. She doesn't use it, and has will look it out (I may need to repay the tub of ice cream that was the original price).

The length of the Akto's tent pole sections, 440mm, prevents the pole/peg bag fitting anywhere else on the Osprey Atmos pack except in the main compartment. A smaller length will allow the pole/peg bag to stay in an outer pocket (i.e. one of the zipped 'side' pockets). The aim is to be able to pitch the tent quickly as soon as I stop, and that means not having to faff around with rummaging inside the main compartment.

After searching the OM forum, I went to and ordered their Akto poles, asking if they can shorten the section lengths. I'll see what happens.

I haven't been in a gear shop in 3 weeks.

Found the new WayMerks website, and emailed the creator to congratulate him on his idea, and tell him of the 3 empty kists.

Went to see the Aberdeen Students' Show "The Invasion of the Doric Snatchers" [link]. First one I've seen, and I was impressed at the professionalism of the production. A tail of superheroes and supervillains in Aberdeen, it was novel to see that the sidekick was the main character. Being mainly in Doric, it took me a couple of goes before I got the Lisa Lane name-gag. For example:

    • Hello, you look nice, what's you're name?
    • Lisa Lane
    • Sorry for asking, I'll just go then.

Getting in the mood for Bellingham by listening to Bob's preview podcast.

Oh, emailed CamelBak about my invention. Doubt anything will come of it. I'm probably the last person in the world to figure this one out.

If anyone thinks this is overkill, well, I am looking forward to the summer, and another coast to coast (or maybe two).


John Hee said...

Duncan- which waterproof did you go for in the end? the latest Hikelits blogs got me thinking along the same replacement lines myself at present. anything to save weight/space!

AktoMan said...

After speaking to Craig from Fast&Light, the Montane Quickfire.

Holding off for the new OMM Kamleika trousers. He should be getting the 2007 in May/June.

I'm happy to take recommendations of people who know their stuff and he certainly talks the talk.

John Hee said...

Montane - like minds!

I'm peering in that direction myself.