Friday, 13 April 2007

SUW 14.1845

Lauder. I said, LAUDER. Another dainty town that just needs a sign to the centre. Hint: head towards the clock instead of the police station. Young chap in grocers liked the Osprey pack, he'd been on some training courses and along some arretes. The boss takes an interest in my boots. "Total overkill for the SUW." I must say that I name-dropped in that Paddy Dillon may agree, but i couldn't guarantee the weather, nor trust my favourite terrocs to a 212 mile trek carrying 10 days of food plus kit - approx 20kg all in. I got blisters on the WHW in trail shoes, and blisters on the SUW in boots. Life goes on. Finished snack, off to tab along for another couple of hours before retiring to the AktoCave.