Friday, 13 April 2007

SUW 14.0925

Breakfast on the banks me the Tweed. Found Jackie Lunn's shop in Melrose. Breakfast in a bun! Cracking stuff. Choice of 4 cooked items in a bun. I ordered two. River rushing by me, chainbridge to my right, i'm sat on a park bench enjoying the mammoth task ahead of me...but i must press on and finish the second bap! "It is a far, far better thing that i do now than i have ever done." oh, and walk as far past Lauder as i can. I'll miss halliburton though 14km east of Lauder - some interesting names on the map. I wonder what 'knowe' means? Norman or saxon origins instead of the celtic (welsh or irish derived?) of the western regions.


Story Quine said...

KNOWE, softened form of knoll. Sc. knowe, O.E. cnoll, Dan. knold, W. cnol, a (rounded) hillock. Broomieknowe, broom-clad hill. Cowdenknowes, G. cùl duin, the back of the hill, + Sc. knowe. Pyatknowe, magpie's hill.
(The Place Names Of Scotland, by James B. Johnston)

So it's a Germanic root, which makes sense, Anglo-Saxon/Scots, borders, post-Roman occupation, v likely to have the Germanic rather than or as well as the P-Celtic.
[here endeth the lecture...]

AktoMan said...

I didn't see anywhere there that said that I was right?