Sunday, 29 April 2007

Bell'm 2. 0110



Podcast Bob said...

Nice to meet you face to face Duncan, and sorry we just couldn't talk. As you saw it was far too busy and Rose would have 'beaten me' if I had slacked at all ;-)

Hope you enjoyed her cakes though, and perhaps next time we'll manage to sit over a beer and discuss stuff in general.

Just got back totally shattered. Long weekend made easy by meeting such nice people. Back to work tomorrow though ;-)

AktoMan said...

Reminded me a lot of a re-enactment weekend. Would have been nice to sit around a beer-tent or something like that and just chew the fat with folks.

I made the mistake of parking my car near the bank, so was midway between the camp-field and the hall...with a money machine en route.

I'll blog about the gear I got later. Hopefully get the hang of the meths burner so I can use it next weekend.