Sunday, 29 April 2007

Bell'm 2.1111

Written in a layby on A68 near Otterburn.

7 pints of John Smiths extra cold, with Paul and Sanchia, talking gear and experiences in different terrain. San' climbs, so talks about ridges and walking on slate, Paul describes sections of the Wainwright coast-to-coast, he's also done the Southern Upland Way. We've all completed the West Highland Way. At various points we realise how sad our conversations may sound to others. Then we carry on anyway.

DSC00160 SanchiaDSC00160 Sanchia Hosted on Zooomr

DSC00158 PaulDSC00158 Paul Hosted on Zooomr

A kindly lass digs out some cold pizza left over from the club's AGM. She was the caterer. Once more I find it strange that I'd forgotten how nice people are in the north (of England). I've lived north of England, so I shouldn't be taken aback by the kindness of strangers.

We see Bob, Rose and Cameron at another table. I wonder what new plans they are discussing.

We few, we merry few, tab it back to the campsite. A recently murdered cat is laid to rest at the side of the road that killed it. Another sign of speeding and inattentiveness.

Slightly less merry, we end up back at mine for coffee and snacks. Who says staying in a tent means roughing it? Not I. Afterwards, I sleep soundly on my new insul sleep mat.

In the morning, greetings and goodbyes are said to people around, Frank - the other Akto owner who found some Swedish army surplus gear useful. Ian from Aberdeen, who owns an earlier Akto, and was born in Ettrick. Keith who is in a Nallo, who was woken by engines of campervans leaving early, but not us talking - maybe he was being polite. We are all at different stages of breaking camp.
DSC00157 PitchesDSC00157 Pitches Hosted on Zooomr

Leaving Bellingham with 4 pork pies and some lucozade. I'd had breakfast already, but thought i'd earned this treat after section hiking part of the Pennine Way.