Monday, 3 August 2009

Yahoo! Customer Care Team - missive 6

Your still blockading my Pipex account. It has been going on since Friday the 24th July, and all I get is the "it isn't anything to do with Yahoo" messages. Strange, I get the same from Pipex. In the meantime, I cannot email friends and family on their Yahoo or BTopenworld accounts.

Thank you for not caring. It just gives Yahoo a bad reputation, and we work round it by me email them on their other accounts, eg Freeserve or Google. And life goes on.


Anonymous said...

You're talking to a computer - not a human being.

And to the scum that administer these computers (same with e bay, re. my previous post):

**** ''em.

AktoMan said...

You have selected customer support training videos. Please press one, two or three for your bonus treat.

Anonymous said...

Send the b******** up to Torridon, and lets see if their b*lls*** e-mails help them survive it.


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like your really up against it. What ever happened to good old 'quality service'?