Saturday, 3 July 2010

Bennachie 030710

Like a lot of people today, I went up Bennachie (Mither Tap). I promised myself (and a couple of people), that I’d do it over the weekend. I got to the peak in just under the hour, and found myself running along some of the downhill stretches. And to think that some people mocked me when I got factor 30 sunblock. A fun morning out.

Bennachie 624_LR

Bennachie 550_LR

Bennachie 905_LR

Bennachie 576_LR

Bennachie 591_LR

Bennachie 588_LR

Most photos taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX150. Some with HTC Desire and Camera Pro app. Adobe Lightroom 3 arrived yesterday, so I’ve used that for the first time today. Shiney.


Gayle said...

My knees are crying at the very thought of running down that stone staircase in the fourth photo!

AktoMan said...

LOL - I may have skipped down them, Gayle, as they were a welcome break from the buffeting wind on the summit. A cracking day, and good to see so many families heading up there.

Darren Christie said...

is that a new trendy hairstyle your supporting there?

AktoMan said...

It's the new service from GoogleMail. When a message is received, my hair forms an "M" shape.

Story Quine said...

new signs on the hill I see! If you'd like to join, I have a group on Facebook called 'Hidden Aberdeen' and a mate has 'Hidden Aberdeenshire' - we'd love it of you would consider submitting some images!