Sunday, 15 August 2010

End of Summer

End of Summer

Well, that’s my Summer holidays over. Weighing myself this morning, I find that I’m now 6 kg lighter, which is 13 pounds in old money. I still need to lose it around the waist, but my belt has gone in 4 notches. And I feel better for it. A trip to Monymusk – which was always a strange name, and I had realised I had never gone there – found me in the ‘walled garden’ yesterday. I took some snaps to send to my parents, as I think they’d enjoy the place.


A trip down the road brought me to Pitfichie Forest and a short walk uphill to put things in perspective. Aberdeen became hidden and its location visible only by following the flightpath to Dyce. Two buzzards overhead were much more interesting than the mechanical sounds coming up from the road below the trees. It is nice to get some use from the suntan lotion, and to sit on a stone, snacking, watching the world go by.


paulmartin42 said...

My notchworthy advice is to skip the snacks and run the walks

Trekking Britain said...

Duncan yer supposed to fatten up for the onslaught of winter not get sleek and slim! A trip to the Lochinver Pie Shop is in order ;-)

Art said...
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