Saturday, 8 June 2013

Last Year's Grass in Glen Dee

Teaser from last year's 2-night bimble in the Cairngorms (July 2012).

The camera's autofocus made the right choice: the grass is much more interesting than me.

That night I munched French chocolate, sipped Scottish malt, read English Wordsworth and listened to Chinese radio. Oh, the hardship I suffered!

I'll do a proper write-up when I get a chance. Just a glen circular from Linn of Dee to Lairig and down to White Bridge -> Derry Lodge then back to Linn. Nothing much happened.


Gayle said...

And that answers the question as to why in keep apparently dead blogs on my feed!

Good to see you :-)

AktoMan said...

And you, Gayle. Hi Mick. I'll need to catch up on your adventures.

I'm across on Twitter a lot, as use for work, etc.

I've been meaning to write up about hiking lessons in daily life and when we were in Crete last year. But life is too short, and I'm having too much fun, for example:


Student games

BG! said...

It's like "The Return of The King... of Scotland".

Welcome back, Duncan.

AktoMan said...

Thanks, Stef, but I've not been away really, just refocussing as there is only so much of me to go around. Esp after losing 22kg (at lightest).

How r u and the family?

BG! said...

You lost 22kg??? If it was intentional then you deserve a medal, if it was as a result of illness then I hope you're over it. Either way I suppose it means a set of smaller clothes (and more room in the Akto).

Resident family are fine and send their regards - Ella just turned 18 and doing A-levels, Anna to start GCSEs next academic year, Chris promoted to Senior Workaholic, I'm still recovering from the op. Still no word from Luke.

Anonymous said...

well done on the weight loss. Thats more than mine!

I have lost 42lbs over the past 18 months so I think you have me beaten :)