Monday, 25 September 2006


Just back from 2 days in the Cairngorm National Park. Once again, the Hilleberg Akto has given me the freedom I didn't have last year.

Yup, I know there's lighter tents, and tarps, out there, but I've never seen a tent designed as well as the Akto. Hence the nom de plume.

Aim of blog: to write down where I've trekked, what I've seen, and just clear my head of the nonsense that I come up with out on the hills.

For example: the Universe won't allow you to climb a Munro unless you can name it. Rubbish, I know, but twice this year I set out for "Beinn Iutharn Mhor, Carn an Righ and the other one". This weekend I set out for Glas Tulaichean first, saying the name at every opportunity. Despite the low cloud and sleeping in (which is another story), I walked to the summit in the poor visibility. And the reason I couldn't get to the summit before? I'd attempted them in Spring, and the summits of all three were still snow-capped.

Background: started hiking again in 2005 after a gap of many years. I'd been car-camping and in the TA for a short time, and watched Ray Mears on TV, so I still had some essential skills and attitudes. However, I don't like scrambling as I know how fragile the human body is. This has put me off attempting some Munros this Summer, so I'll need to get some practice in.

So, that's the introduction done. I've some info to post over the next few days as I get the photos up to Flickr, and gear reviewed. At the moment my Munro count is 31, and I'm aiming for the West Highland Way in October.


Storyquine said...

Welcome to Bloggerland, Aktoman, Storyquine hasn't got past her 8 Munros yet! Decided that it isn't a race and I can go up nicer smaller hills as well! Best of luck getting to 284, just hope they don't promote any more tops meantime!!

AktoMan said...

...maybe they'll demote 276 o' them? As to a race, I have no intention of finishing unless I get a major skills increase (and maybe some TNT to remove InnPinn from the list).