Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Tips 3: Pitching your Tent (Inserting Pole)

Insert the pole into the pole sleeve until you feel a slight resistance (about 100 cm / 40 inches into the sleeve).

Then pull the sleeve over the pole until it bottoms at the reinforced end of the sleeve.

Make sure that the pole does not bend before it gets to the reinforced end.

Take the tent by the pole tensioner (f.ex. peg loop) and insert the pole fully into the sleeve so that it bends naturally!

The pole sleeve has only one opening. In strong wind you can kneel on the tent to keep it on the ground.

Place the end of the pole into the plastic cup of the pole tensioner.

Pull it taut with the webbing until the pole is right against the side of the tent.

Pole tensioner and pole sleeve allow for double poling, enhancing stability and strength for the most demanding undertakings!

[source: Hilleberg Akto pitching instructions - 2.42mb file >> download pdf version]

Just a couple of things to watch out for here:

1. Make sure that the pole hasn't got caught on the far end of the sleeve.
2. I usually have to release the webbing strap a wee bit more to loosen the pole cup before inserting the pole, then pull it taut.


johnheewalk said...

thats what caught me out the 1st yep - couple of times

AktoMan said...

Hopefully others will find this sort of thing useful too, John. Glad to be of help.