Sunday, 31 May 2009

Altanour Overnighter

The weather was too good, and the fuses too short to stay in Aberdeen over the weekend. Mike was in agreement, and the forecast was great, so kit had been gathered for an overnight visit to Altanour Lodge in Glen Ey (maplink). I’d been there before, and love Glen Ey.

I started packing on Friday night, and looked out extra kit for Mike. I’d picked up a “Tiger Paws” tent from Argos, as I felt guilty about lending him my old, huge New Illanos tent. I’m not a morning person, so was concerned about forgetting to look out essentials for him, so a sofa filled with gear. With my new Osprey Exos 58 litre (large, so 61 litre) pack, he also got my Atmos 50 litre pack. Saturday morning arrived, and the Atmos was packed with chosen gear, and we were off.

An uneventful trip out, with a pit-stop in Braemar, got us to Inverey at noon. Packs, suncream, and brimmed caps were the order of the day.

IMG_3000 Inverey

IMG_3004 Mike

IMG_2997 Inverey

IMG_3010 Glen Ey

And so we walked for 3 hours. We saw an adder, birds (brown), birds (black and white), birds (seagull), birds (shadowy), rabbits (big), rabbits (small), slugs, sheep (humming), slug (sunning), deer (red), deer (Gilliamesque), beetles (don’t use it’s stage name), ducks (swimming), curlew (curling).

IMG_3016 Auchelie

IMG_3032 Ey Burn

IMG_3018 Poser


IMG_3033 South-west

Mike spotted some shells on the track. .22 he reckoned.

IMG_3050 Shells


We arrive at the lodge, but there’s a family camped at the good pitch, so we slot into a wee gulley. After pitching, we get some kip in the shade. Mike later finds that he’s sleeping in his tent the wrong way, which accounts for his claustrophobic feeling. The evening passes with tea, cooking, deer-spotting, chocolate and malt.

IMG_3064 Pitch

IMG_3106 Pitch



In the morning, we break the tents down and head back to Inverey after the 16km round trip.

IMG_3148 Cairngorms

We stop at Braemar and Aboyne. On the way back to Aberdeen, we pass 3 road-side fires being attended by the Fire Brigade. Perhaps related, some steam traction engines are pulled up at the roadside, a couple are beside a vehicle with blue flashing lights.


Alan Sloman said...

You can't keep a good man down Duncan - well done for getting out there - looked like a really good aring for you both.

Tell us more about the larger Exos? You must hav had oodles of room in it (Mimne is the Large 46l- so actually 48 litres and that swallows all my Challenge kit comfortably)

Nice pictures - I like the 'zoom in' circle - neat!

Story Quine said...

Great to see more outdoor reports. Guess who forgot to put on suncream down at Aberdeen beach on Friday? Still in pain. Ah well. Bought my dad a sun hat with Legionnaire-stylee neck flap off the Nevisport website (£19.99). Ideal for him. Now I have to sort masel oot if this sun is going to continue

Big Kev said...

We spotted the Aktomobile parked up at Inverey. I considered stopping to flip up your wipers but The Boy was itching to get boots on the ground :o)

Martin Rye said...

A fine trip there. I like the zoom shots and how and what camera did you use? Your getting out and about a lot now Duncan. I await more fine postings from you.

AktoMan said...

@Alan - I'll write up about first impressions of the Exos.

@FJ - lass at work was on half-a-bottle of soothing lotion today.

@Big Kev - Nice that the Lad is keeping you in check. I'll swing by your site

@Martin - nothing in comparison to your exploits

Mac E said...

Great weather by the looks of things, predictable even ;-)

How was the wee Pro Action?

AktoMan said...

Hi Mac, shame it wasn't like that for you :(

I've photos of the pro Action to post, then hopefully Mike will post some words. Also some shots of the Honey Stove.

Heck, I've still the unpacking to day :( Just so far behind.

Mac E said...

It'll be good next time :-)

Interested in hearing what Mike has to say.

scott said...

Good stuff Duncan. I've been intending for about the last 6 weekends to get myself up to Altanour lodge for an overnighter, with a total lack of success thus far.

Your photies are inspiring me to get the finger oot!

Cathy said...

OMG Clarkie is well grey...Yous are getting old you know lol