Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Pro Action Hike Lite

I felt guilty about making Mike haul the old Wild Country New Ilanos, so looked at the old “Tiger Paws” tent that pops up on Outdoors Magic every now and again. That’s “paws”, not “feet” (thank you, George).

A quick check online, and a trip to Argos last Thursday meant that a smaller packed unit went into the Atmos. Of course, I’d swapped the pegs out for a mix of lighter standard pegs (from Blacks) and some ground-grabbers from Alpkit.

Stats from the Argos site:

  • 2000mm hydrostatic head. [The Akto’s is 3000mm]
  • Taped seams.
  • Tension adjusters.
  • Quick clips.
  • Size of overall tent (H)300, (W)120, (L)105cm.
  • Size of each room 110 x 290cm.
  • Size of living space 110 x 290cm.
  • Packed size (H)15, (W)15, (D)40cm.
  • Weight 2.1kg.
  • IMG_3123 Pro Action

    IMG_3122 Pro Action

    IMG_3069 Pro Action

    IMG_3070 Pro Action

    IMG_3072 Pro Action


    IMG_3106 Pitch

    There wasn’t much of a wind, and it wasn’t raining. During the night, the temperature dropped to 4°c and rose again to 14°c by the time we broke camp. Mike carried it, pitched it, dozed and slept in it.


    Mac E said...

    Looks good doesn't it, I'd guess it would be even more popular in a more subdued colour. Looking at the spec, (H)300, (L) 105? no wonder Mike felt claustrophobic, it was standing on it's end!! :-)

    AktoMan said...

    LOL - I hadn't noticed the typo.

    He also dozed in it with his head into the wind. Of course, that meant he was at the lower end. But hopefully he'll give his impressions.

    Londonbackpacker said...


    AktoMan said...

    Mike said

    Who's that fat old **** putting the tent up?

    Nooooooooooooooo! Its me.

    Tent was very light and easy to put up, even for someone like me that hates camping and didn't even know which end to sleep in,

    No condensation in the tent in morning, the many vents and mesh bits worked well. Main head vent is kept taught with a fold down arm, good idea. Packs in no time and is tiny.

    If I was forced at gunpoint to sleep in a tent again the Tigerpaw would be ok.

    Mac E said...

    What end to have your head at? I always assumed I should lie with my head at the high end but the drawing on page 239 of the Backpackers Handbook shows the sleeping bag laid the other way round.