Saturday, 8 June 2013

Here and Back Again

Teaser from a 3-day bimble in the Cairngorms in 2012. (Braemar)

The building naturally tilts that way, but everyone straightens their photos to hide it. That’s why you can’t buy hard-boilded eggs in the HH.

Last Year's Grass in Glen Dee

Teaser from last year's 2-night bimble in the Cairngorms (July 2012).

The camera's autofocus made the right choice: the grass is much more interesting than me.

That night I munched French chocolate, sipped Scottish malt, read English Wordsworth and listened to Chinese radio. Oh, the hardship I suffered!

I'll do a proper write-up when I get a chance. Just a glen circular from Linn of Dee to Lairig and down to White Bridge -> Derry Lodge then back to Linn. Nothing much happened.