Thursday, 9 April 2009

gReader Catchup: Next iPhone

Caught up on some of the MacRumors about the next iPhone.

  • the next-generation iPhone will have "a significantly faster Internet connection." While no further information is given as to whether this is referring to cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity. source
  • the new iPhone would indeed have a video camera. source
  • New iPhone announcement around mid-June. source
  • Supporting only 802.11n devices on a wireless network can significantly improve performance.
    If Apple does indeed provide video recording and publishing, it certainly makes sense to offer some limited editing/clipping ability. source
  • 802.11n wireless connectivity … also supports both reception and transmission of FM radio signals.
    Apple has certainly been known not to enable all features their hardware is capable of, and FM reception/transmission is one that have shown no interest in supporting in the past. source
  • The discovery that Apple's next iPhone might contain both video input as well as a magnetometer (digital compass) opens up some interesting possibilities for future iPhone applications.
    Examples of how this could be used include pointing your iPhone's camera at a building and the phone telling you what building it is by combining GPS, accelerometer and compass information. The iPhone could even overlay graphics and text on top of the image to provide additional information. Another application described is the ability to show information about stars and constellations simply by pointing your iPhone towards the sky. source

I’m counting the days already. Even if they are just rumours at this stage.


paulmartin42 said...

as ever google can help the latest gmail dodah is "Sender time zone" i have not checked if it can count the days but am sure that the rumour feature you need is integrated into the web3 mod

Cathy said...

All i care about for my mobile is that i can text and phone with it...Don't need or want something that does 20 zillion things and i absolutely refuse to use a mobile for the internet

AktoMan said...

With a maturing market, the mobile phone is just another tool for the daily toolbox. For some it is a portable office, a device that allows converging technologies to come together in one device.

Strange how, in 10-11 years, texting becomes an acceptable use of a telephone, probably before the voice-call. I wonder what communications technology will come to the fore in the next decade.

Cathy said...

To be honest i hardly ever use my mobile for phoning or texting...To me it is merely a device that enabled school to be able to try and get a hold of me in case of an emergency...And before i get touted as some stick in mud old fogey so did quite a lot of my eldest lads 6th year class at school last year...They only got newer ones so they didn't get piss taken by others.

For a portable office i'd rather nick the PDA eldest got via his DSA for uni that he still ain't used LOL

paulmartin42 said...

@communications technology to come: scifi says x; usmilitaryrep says unknown unknowns; gell mann says we do know what's coming its just a gloss/glare which is keeping us from seeing - yes one man's glare is another woman's sparkle