Saturday, 4 April 2009

Linx B-tube

Linx B-tube, originally uploaded by dimacleod.

Linx b-tube arrives. It looks good and feels good. For a few seconds i forget my lurgy and leave my breathing to a lower brain function. For a wee while. Watching last week's "old dogs" and seeing behind the scenes of John Simpson's journey to Afghanistan. Lots to do. And I'm on holiday now.


Added “out of the box” video.


PhilW said...

Had to Google to find out what you were talking about! Does that make me an old fogey or what? Anyway, hope it sounds good. Is that intended for evening in the Akto then? Have good hols.

AktoMan said...

I guess it could be used with my mobile phone, but the aim is to use it with my notebook. I have some audio work to do for my evening class, so it would be useful to have a better audio system than the close-range mike. And the speakers are quite poor, so I was after some external speakers - the idea of wireless ones was a bonus.

I'll try and get a review later after I've had a chance. I've a ton of housework, sleep and reading to do. This lurgy is making heavy work difficult ... oh, poor me ;-)