Sunday, 27 September 2009

Gang aft agley

It was the start of a long weekend break. It was maybe my third trip out this year. I was planning on heading up to Loch nan Cnapan as I hadn’t got there last year due to the bout of cellulitis in my leg.  So I had packed for 3 days – which is pretty much my overnight kit, but with extra food and fuel.

To Corrour Bothy

To Corrour Bothy

To Corrour Bothy

To Corrour Bothy

To Corrour Bothy

I took my first break after crossing the Luibeg Burn at the ford that the NTS has been working on. They’ve done an amazing job. I didn’t, and misjudged the water depth. Time for a snack. I had been out of the buffeting wind along the valley, but moving back out on to the hill’s shoulder got the skloogs running back up my nose.

To Corrour Bothy 

I had my camera out ready to take a photo of the jet fighter, who’s engine I could hear, only to realise that it was the wind in the glen beside the Bod. Whichever way I turned, the wind seemed to be in my face. If this was at ground level, I was already ruling out getting up to the open plateau – especially as the wind caught me unprepared twice and almost bowled me over.

To Corrour Bothy

I thought about heading south down Glen Dee, a route I’d taken last year with Dawn, but the wind would be in my face for  a couple of hours. If I tabbed it back towards the shelter of Derry Lodge, I would probably keep going back to the car.

To Corrour Bothy

Arriving at Corrour Bothy, I had already decided to head back to Aberdeen. Knowing I had to cross the burn again, I dug out my oversocks and stored them in the backpack's belt pouch.

To Corrour Bothy

Crossing the Luibeg Burn again, I dug out the TrekMates Gore-Tex "Amphibian" waterproof over-socks and crossed holding my trail-shoes in the cord of my poles. I was surprised by the grip offered. Job done. Thanks for the suggestion, Dawn.

To Corrour Bothy

My goal had now become to get back to the car before 6.30, when the new series of “The News Quiz” would start. I made it with 5 minutes to spare. Sadly, turning on the car radio, I forgot that there was no Radio 4 reception until outside Braemar. Jings, it was the drone o’ the pipes on NECR as I got changed and then dove (almost uneventfully) back to Aberdeen. 15 1/2 miles. 0930-1825. 3 blisters. I'll do better next time.


Backpackbrewer said...

really nice photos and a great little trip it seems. I, alas may not even get out again before November at this rate......

Londonbackpacker said...

Good to see you back and out an about :-)

Alistair said...

yay! AktoMan's back! Really like that area you have on your doorstep. Looking forward to more trip reports.

AktoMan said...

@BPB - it should be a joy when you get out, whenever you can. I had way too much else on my plate, and, to be truthfully honest, some of it was becoming a chore.

@George - thanks for the songlink, but I am making no promises. Ditto to @Alistair. Nothing else seems to work for me for fitness. It's got to the situation that my waist measurement in bigger than my new telly. So it's either get something done about it, or get a bigger telly. For in between times, I've ordered (another) fitness game for my Wii. Maybe I'll listen to what the computerised cute lass tells me.

Anonymous said...

Great walk and pics! I particularly enjoyed the one of Corrour Bothy. Who'd have thought that such an innocuous looking building could be so fearesomely haunted? *g*

I'd like to get up to Scotland before the foul weather sets in.

AktoMan said...

With the howling wind, Shirl, I can well imagine it. I can guess that the glen casts some long shadows on a braw bricht moonlit nicht.

AktoMan said...

@PW - as to the weather, sadly there are no guarantees these days.

Big Kev said...

Aaaakkktoooomaaaaan! :o)

Nice to see you back and ootside to boot :o) It's a smashin' walk that. The path up the Luibeg's just magic, especially when the sun's oot. And lookin' at the photies makes me want to throw a sickie :o(

Alan Sloman said...

"my waist measurement is bigger than my new telly"

Brilliant, Duncan. I was always told that middle age arrived when your waist measurement exceeded that of your inside leg - so I think I will go with the telly version from now on.

Great to see you posting again.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Duncan. Now you've made me pine for the 'Gorms.

AktoMan said...

@Alan - sheesh, even when I was ill and not eating much, I was still larger than that.

@BPL - pining for the 'Gorms? is that a new line from Monty Python?

Phreerunner said...

Nice to see you out and about again Duncan.
From (eek) always, apparently, a middle aged git...

Martin Rye said...

As always a joy to see the photos and you out and about enjoying the hills.

AktoMan said...

Thanks, gents. Well, that's me disappearing back into the Web 2.0 bottle until the next time I get out - whenever that might be.


Mac E said...

Look at those views, thats just the best. Can I squeeze in one last trip? hmmm. ;-)

Jerry said...

You could always go to the movies and feel skinny!

Story Quine said...

Hooray! Missed your posts. PhD is in for marking, soon folk will have to call me 'Doctor'!

Anyway - love the photos. My cousin has given me his panoramic camera for a loan, so I'll be making use of it in the Borders this weekend - going to Melrose for a break.

Hope all well - Best wishes, FJ