Tuesday, 3 November 2009

And next: Stornoway

I snapped my neck round as I heard Jools Holland mention my home (sort of) town of Stornoway. It turns out that they are a young band from Oxford.

Good luck to them.

BBC band page


Phreerunner said...

You are very quiet, Duncan. Are you ok, or have you moved to another medium?

AktoMan said...

Hi Phreerunner,

I've been focusing on real life instead of Web2.0 media. At work I focus on work, at home I focus on domestic chores, homework and various wargames projects. Recently it has been trying to get terrain sorted for the Western Front of WW1

litehiker said...

Stornoway - aren't they good? A little reminiscent of the excellent Fleet Foxes.

chris norton said...

Hi there, do you do product reviews at all as I would like to offer you something but unfortunately I can't for the life of me find your email, please can you drop me a line at chris @ deaddinosaur.co.uk. Best wishes, Chris