Sunday, 24 January 2010

Softly, softly

I’m still around, just up to my eyes with other things – work, wargames, and women. Okay, so two out of three ain’t bad.

Callanish 311209

Here’s a dodgy photo from my Christmas break at my parents. The Callanish standing stones in the snow on the Isle of Lewis. When I get some time, I’ll do a catch-up post of my un-exciting life.


Alan Sloman said...

Good to hear from you Duncan - Nice picture of the stones too -Looking forward to the catch-up.

Mac E said...

Hi Duncan, good to see you're alive and kicking.

Happy New Year by the way :-)

John Hee said...

... a silence broken ..glad to have you back in circulation

AktoMan said...

@Alan - I'm just finding it difficult to fit things in to life just now. With the new big boss at work, we've got some changes working through the system, and it's good to be involved. I spent yesterday looking at my new 40D camera whilst re-writing my Int2 Still Image Editing course (while watching progs about photography from Sky Arts).

@Mac E - cheers dude, it seems a bit late for me to wish a'body a happy New Year (or early if you're Chinese). Even Burns night has gone. All disappearing into a blur.

@John - just a bleep on the monitor, not back into circulation - and I can't add a tantalising "yet" either. Months and months of TGO mags still in plastic and can't even get an hour on the Wii Fit. The last splurge ended 2 weeks ago and lasted 2 days.

Ah well, back to the marking. 8 papers to get through before bed. S'later. Boing.

Trekking Britain said...

Great photo!

AktoMan said...

Cheers, TB. I'm more critical, as too many stones are out of focus, but I love the fact that one (left of centre) seems to be hovering. And that's not a Photoshop trick, just the way that the shadows fall on the snow.

(3 more papers to mark, yay)

Trekking Britain said...

I think for me it is the way that all of the rocks look like they have light on them from all angles, they look ace, I simply was looking through the blogrolls and the photo grabbed me.

Btw I wasn't too impressed that the word verification page last time I posted half an hour ago asked me to type.. piehead! ;-)

AktoMan said...

Cheers, TB, it was a fun day. I'll post t'others, well, I won't make a promise I can't keep :(

LOL at the word verification. Sadly a fact of life with the amount of spammers around.

Yay - last of the marking done and it isn't tomorrow yet.