Sunday, 31 January 2010

Callanish (batch 2)

Following on from earlier, here are some more photos from my visit to the Callanish Standing Stones on New Year’s Eve 2009. The weather lightened up and so I decided to risk the roads. My parents had a HOST guest staying, Zhe, from China, so we did the ‘circular’.

Callanish 311209_0325_Zhe

Yup, the 4,000 year old stones are still a useful shelter.

Callanish 311209_0331

Callanish 311209_0341

Callanish 311209_0340

Callanish 311209_0342

Callanish 311209_0338

More to follow when I next get some time to myself.


Keith said...

Very nice photo's Duncan.
Good to see you're back on the blogsphere!

Story Quine said...

really great pix - thanks for advertising the Blitz Exhibition on your wargames club site. It finishes on Sunday - hope you can pop along.