Thursday, 22 January 2009

Honey Stove 2009 Arrives

The honey stove 2009 arrived in the post from today. It is certainly more flexible than the 2008 version, and the panels will fit into a Snow*Peak 900 cooking pot. There are now more options for using thin pegs (eg circular-section titanium tent pegs) for an upper pan support.

“Go, go, honey stove, go”

I’ll obviously need to get a couple of pegs and a firebase that’ll fit into the square-section mode. I think some tin-snips and a can of something from the cupboard…a couple of nails from the toolbox...bish, bash, bosh…

Ah. Just realised. You provide your own thin metal ashtray this time. Use a pit of an old thin metal wind-shield, or eat a pie and use the base. Mmmm, pies.