Saturday, 10 January 2009

Rachel Gets A Gold Star

Well done to Rachel in Furniture at Argos’ centre.

Sadly, however, the Argos method of giving discounts, ie. ‘codes’ and vouchers and cards, has meant that Argos has lost an order for a Nintendo wii. They have 8 sitting in stores in Aberdeen, but their computer system refuses to allow the processing of a discount ‘code’ in store, and their ‘reserve online’ doesn’t allow you to pay for it online, thereby allowing you to redeem the discount.

Strangely, they insist on saying that “your statutory rights …  remain unaffected.” So. I have a total of £15 of discounts from Argos, and I can not use them together.

Poor Martin in Small Goods promises to pass on my comments to the systems designers. And I made sure that the grunt in the frontline knew that I was happy with the way he dealt with this customer, and that it was all the fault of the REMFs.

I’m in the mood for fighting through the Saturday shoppers on Union Street … obviously I’m the sort of person who will not be giving Argos my business, despite the £5 gift card that I can use in-store. Maybe Woolworths will have one :>


When waiting for the store to open, I had some things to collect from the local sorting office. The sky was beautiful and the day held such aspirations of consumerism. By 1015am, it was all over. And I hadn’t even had my breakfast.

Hey, they’re right about the exercise you get with this wii system – I’ve burnt off so many calories already just trying to purchase one! Maybe if I keep not owning one, I’ll lose even more calories?


AktoMan said...

I got a Wii Fit age of 71. And that was before the celebratory pizza.

AktoMan said...

I got a Wii fitness age of 73.

Baseball? Oh, it's like rounders, is it? Still angling tv and sensor bar (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).

The Adventure Channel said...

Nice picture!