Thursday, 22 January 2009

Lost in Translation

I found this on YouTube. I don’t know what is being said, but it is good to see an Akto vs the elements video.

Anyone know if the chap had a good night’s sleep? HahahaGoose, out of Hong Kong.

And, yes, I’m up to my eyes in other things just now, so I’m getting my Akto fix by watching other people’s vids. Heck, I didn’t get the waist-line in yesterday’s video by getting out on the hills every couple of days.


Mark Alvarez said...


That's a Stephenson Warmlite 2 next to the Akto. Fairly rare beast. Great in those conditions.

AktoMan said...

I'll take your word for it Mark - it looks like it is suffering there. But I've not been in that sort of condition with my Akto, so don't know how it (or the Warmlite 2) would fair.