Monday, 8 September 2008

Beach Front Development

As it takes so long to get to Bennachie, and with the price of petrol being what it is, I decided to walk up to the mouth of the River Don and back (maplink). A couple of hours trek, watching the waves and people go by. 2 1/2 miles there and back, and more experimenting with the camera on the Nokia 6220 Classic mobile phone.



I reckon the camera on the Sony Ericsson K800i was better than it. Certainly a better interface, but the 5 mega-pixel camera holds a lot of promise. I'm just getting tired with having to use the "automatic" feature to get the best from the new phone-camera. The focus on the "landscape" view is poor in comparison.



Shamus said...

The top picture has nice definition Duncan.... I forgot to tell you I was passing through Aberdeen the other week; 2 nights in Cruden Bay, a visit to Leven and St Andrews followed by and overnight in ... I cant remember.

AktoMan said...

Thanks, Shamus. I find I'm getting better snaps with leaving the settings on automatic. But, hey, I can make phonecalls on the device too ;-)

Shamus said...

'I can make phonecalls on the device too'

I think it was Orange that had an advertising slogan a few years back ..... something like 90 percent of people only use 10 percent of the phones capability. Like this was a bad thing and we are technophobes who should try much harder to understand the technology. (In my case that is true)

But really, honestly; 90 percent of people just want to make a phone call!!!