Friday, 26 September 2008

Now We Are 2

This blog is now 2…and a day.

Surprisingly, there have been 22,126 “unique” visitors since I started using Google Analytics in February 2007. Thank you for dropping by. Sorry that there hasn’t been much of interest in the last year. With two bouts of illness to work and lack of funds keeping me from major trips out. But these things happen, and life goes on.

I wish you all prosperity and long life


Alan Sloman said...

Happy Birthday Duncan!

let there be loads more - a great place to drop in to.

Martin Rye said...

Well done Duncan. Analytics still hates me. I gave up and got another tracker thing to replace Blog Patrol. Any way, less rambling and more saying well done again to you good sir.

BG! said...

Happy birthday, AktoBlog!

Now, where's the cake?


AktoMan said...

Aar, Cap'n BG!, no cake (we didn't get that far), but lashings of ginger beer, crisps and earl grey (hot). As well as taking the kickey out of Miss Marple on ITV4 and Moore's Bond later.


Anonymous said...

Wow, happy second birthday. That's a milestone. A lot of blogs don't make it that far.

AktoMan said...

Sadly the "outdoor" bit seems to have gone by the way-side. Just got too much other things on, and illness, and laziness, and stuff.

Blessed said...


AktoMan said...


Now feeling guilty for not getting out much. But ... I will be hiking at the weekend, and there will be a mini-bloggers-meet.

ptc* said...

Magic, I was One during the week.
Where does the time go to, and indeed where do all the words come from?