Monday, 22 September 2008

Searching for More Phone Apps

As I get fed up finding that the Symbian s60 (3rd ed) operating system has programs that do not run unless you have a specific Nokia phone, I went looking elsewhere.

If the mobile phone OS can't cut the mustard, why not use the layers above it?

My Nokia 6220 Classic has Flash Lite installed, and after 2 years (article from Sept 2006), there should be a lot of apps for this cross-platform system. Must'n't there be?

I must be missing something. Lots of people have mobile phone. Many have Nokia mobile phones. Many of the Nokia phones have the Symbian OS.

The software is all over the place and poorly advertised (i.e. not at all). If Nokia wanted to push a store similar to Apple's App Store, they'd have a large market in their grasp.

With the current economic crisis, I'm surprised that they are so blasé about this. Heck, when I got the Nokia 6220 Classic, it wasn't even listed within their software pages. It is one thing for a company like Adobe not to mention it (yes, it does come with Flash Lite pre-installed), but silly for Nokia not to.

Perhaps this shows something about the company itself? A market where only the hardware matters. I certainly see how poor the texting interface is on the 6220 in comparison with that of the K800i. The same is true of the camera interface.

It will be interesting to see what happens in the market over the next 17 months. Will battery technology have moved on? Will 3g be available outside the urban sprawl so that mobiles can access the 'cloud' when needed? Will there be anything useful developed from geo-apps? Will we be merely throwing sheep?


m1cdq said...

have a look here

plenty of apps here

AktoMan said...

Thanks for that Roger. My only concern is that the Nokia 6220 is a different phone from my Nokia 6220 "Classic" or 6220c.

On some listings, I found the Nokia 6120c worked better. I'll give it a search as my washing machine repair is being tested in the kitchen (with lots of towels ready in case I get a soap-sud attack).

m1cdq said...

My prize came today and boy what a prize.some serious bits of kit.I want to go out and field test them
cheers again
roger M1cdq

dawn said...

Throwing sheep? You mean like woolly jumpers????? By the by, am in the Cairngorms next week. Dawn

Group51 said...

Don't let the hype put you off an iPhone. Try one for yourself. It's got so many apps, I don't even look at other phones anymore.

AktoMan said...

Hype? It has only got a 2mp camera, no flash, and no lens cover. The phone would cost over £100 on the same O2 contract I have now.

I forgot the hype, and decided that I did not want an iPhone, and wanted a phone I could take photos with and blog with via a dedicated keyboard.

17 months to go and I'll see what is on the market.