Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A moral debt of honour

Well done to the judge in the retired Gurkha's test case. He said that the country had a "moral debt of honour" to be repaid, and allowed the 5 ex-servicemen, and one widow to stay in the UK. According to the BBC News site, there are some 2,000 former Gurkhas who may be affected by the decision. Hopefully without the cost of High Court action against the government - who's Home Secretary said "I have always been clear that where there is a compelling case, soldiers and their families should be considered for settlement".

I love seeing politicians being magnanimous after the legal system finds against them.

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mike knipe said...

Quite right - It should never have had to go to court, though. It really was a no-brainer (which was the level of brains used in the initial decision to exclude these people.)

PhilW said...

The way this has been dragged out is ridiculous. We should let all of the Gurkhas stay here - they have served this country and it's not as if we are talking massive numbers.

Martin Rye said...

Serve in the French Foreign Legion and after 5 years you get a passport and are ..uh French. So why do we treat these brave, loyal,heroic men so badly. Let em come live in the UK. They will be law abiding and loyal to the UK. I have mates who have served with Gurkhas and rave about them. Great soilders and men. Good story to bring up Duncan.