Saturday, 4 October 2008

It is Saturday

I wondered why the phone's alarm didn't go off this morning, so i checked the settings. The alarm was accurate, but the phone thought it was Saturday. You see, I had switched it off on Friday night and back on on Sunday morning to conserve battery life.

'Classic'! But not in the way that Nokia meant when they called this phone the 6220 Classic.


WD said...

Classic indeed
Not having much luck with tech at the moment are you?

Should of got an iphone 55555555555

BG! said...

Tempus fu#@it, perhaps?


AktoMan said...

Classic again!!! Because my phone had said it was Saturday, when I emailed from my phone to Blogger, it has slotted in the post to the Saturday list. Even though the comments are dated Monday.


diddly wump, diddly wump

AktoMan said...

@Darren - 2mp camera, no flash, no lens cover. I'll see what is on the market in 17 months time. Additionally, it would also cost me over a hundred quid to buy on my contract.

Unlike some people, I amn't rolling in money!

AktoMan said...


AktoMan said...


AktoMan said...

Just looked on Web, and found comments on that there may be a conflict with the weekly alarm setting. I use that instead of 5 daily alarms. I'll play around with it later.

It confused my message index.

Isn't it easier to look for the solution that throwing money at the problem? Better for the bank balance, and the environment.