Friday, 10 October 2008

I'm living in an asynchronous world

Most phone calls i receive there days are junk. No, i don't want a new kitchen, or conservatory. When i receive junk emails or texts, at least i can scan and delete them. With phone calls, i have to set aside part of my life when someone else decides. They are interruptions or emergencies. Communications that cannot wait. A disappointment when some callcentre wallah asks to speak to Meester Mah Klee Odd.

So, i prefer working asynchronously. I choose the best time to read my emails or texts or web2.0 communiques. And then i can respond in an appropriale manner. I have little time between classes and relaxation time is grasped and cherished. My writeup of last weekend's walk hasn't been done at the time of writing this. But may have by the time this missive is scanned by your good self. As more services are available when we, the customer, have the time, will we value the here-and-now more?


baz carter said...

try this

AktoMan said...

Thanks, Baz. I'm on something similar, but some calls get through still. If I could be @rsed, I'd hawl out the Data Protection Act and demand to know where they had illegally obtained my details. But I just hang up.

I get the same with my door buzzer, and give up answering that "I've locked myself out" or "pizza for ..." or "do you want to buy some paintings". I know when people are visiting, so avoid answering the bell to avoid getting annoyed.

Perhaps I should just switch the lights off, put on a gold ring, and eat raw fishesssssss, asking riddles of the cold callersss "what have you got in your conssservarrries???"

AktoMan said...

Woohoo, I just out-talked a cold caller from BT!!!!

"Hi, this is ... from BT, can I speak to ..."
me ... rant rant I left BT cos my ISP was offering me a better deal, I don't need lots and lots of invites to return to BT cos you guys did nothing wrong ... etc etc etc
"That's okay sir, bye"