Thursday, 16 October 2008

And they’re off

Well, that’s Mick and Gayle off on the West Highland Way now. They are looking at taking some detours so that I might meet them on Tuesday or Wednesday. Or to be truthful, I overtake them on Tuesday as I push on through the night, and they catch me up as I bimble along on Wednesday towards the Kingshouse bar.

As for my plans, well, the gas canister I bought at lunchtime is too big to fit inside my SnowPeak pot, so I’ll go looking for other ones on Friday. Actually, the canister fits fine, but not with windshield wrapped around it. It was quite strange to have a gas stove on, hearing the “clack clack” of the ignition system and roar of flame. But, if the temperature drops, I may have problems, and I cannot see how much fuel I have left, nor can I top up the fuel reservoir. All of which are advantages of the meths stove.