Saturday, 11 October 2008

Raindance Festival

Just a quick message to wish the lads at Stirton Productions the best for the premiere of “One Day Removals” at today’s 16th Raindance Festival in London. The review page states:

One Day Removals couldn’t be any more indie and for budding filmmakers this is a great example of what can be done with little money and a lot passion.

There is a virtual screening on Sunday 12th October between 9pm and 10pm BST (remember, that’s not GMT folks): Raindance/TiscaliVideo

Blogs: Mark Stirton and Mike Clark. YouTube. Official film site. Raindance page.


Londonbackpacker said...

Looks like we're out of luck the tiscaliVideo site has crashed :-(

AktoMan said...

I'm watching it through Firefox just now. Some stalling to buffer it, but playing fine.

Just give it a chance, George.

Londonbackpacker said...

Nope never got it to work, not in firefox or IE :-(

Was fine earlier in the day; watched another film.

One Day Removals must of been very popular :-)

Back working now.

AktoMan said...

Working after 10? I guess the movie is no longer available then?
I've it streaming in a different tab and am reading blogs on a separate window, taking half the screen.

AktoMan said...

Just finished, and they had the "making of" clips at the end, including 'corpsing'. Liked Mike's girly whimper as he is pulled along the road by 2 'extras', the camera and shopping trolley that refuse to act cinematically, lovy.

Londonbackpacker said...

[quote]Working after 10? I guess the movie is no longer available then?[/quote]

Yep site working but no movie

AktoMan said...

Sorry to hear that you missd it, George. I've let Mike know that the site crashed last night. Now I feel guilty, as I have not only this version, but also the original, and also watched it last night online. Maybe if I hadn't, then you would have been able to have seen it :((

Londonbackpacker said...

No need to feel guilty. Hope the chaps had a good time and that they get good reviews.

Its good to see the independent filmmakers getting a chance.

AktoMan said...

Mike texted on his way back home that he'd seen the gent who plays "Mickey/Ricky" in Doc Who at the same gala party last night. A happy Whoie bunny to have seen Noel Clarke.

I'm happier to have seen the Sarah Jane Adventures on kids BBC today. Ding dong.

Michael G Clark said...

Your blog made it to the Raindance festival site. Check under 11th October. Yay, Cheers for the plug.,2734,0,0,1,0

AktoMan said...

Woohoo, just below the BBC!!!

I bet I drummed up more interest for you too (i.e. George)

AktoMan said...

The invovative BBC mentioned the Arctic Monkey film ... and the only people to mention 1DR was the Scottish media site, AllMediaScotland.