Monday, 13 October 2008

Monday Night Catch-up

With the latest TWiT podcast playing, I dive into another pile of blogs. they are talking some about blogs.

I see that Darren carried a dvd player in his rucksack. Wow, I didn’t realise the iPhone could handle the input. He is using the same SnowPeak pot as me, but he hasn’t added any duct-tape to the handles. Must be tougher skinned than me. I’m getting booked as a Challenge hag for next year again. I’d recommend the walk to my local chippie – the Bluebird on Urquhart Road. And there’s his Outdoor Trade Show report, where you can see BG! walk – helped by sticks. And you can see BG! lie down – without the help of beer! And some stuff that you might want to crunch your credit on. The original Enterprise 1701 and 1701-A seems more manoeuvrable, and the ones from the first movies (at the time of the original ‘real’ Star Wars) were powered up, so no problems. Plus they had teleportation technology, so could beam across a stack of  photon torpedoes and frag their Imperial arses. Oh yeah! Oops, and Darren started it.

Creep-san has the same pocket knife as me, the Gerber Shortcut, scissors option. I swapped mine out with the equivalent lighter unit from Leatherman, the Squirt, but use the Gerber as my jeans pocketknife. He has some MontBell footwarmers, so I’m on the look for some fold-flat ‘camp shoes’. As to his kit when trekking Yatsugatake, great photos, but I’m not keen on having items hanging from the packs. I noticed Darren doing the same on the TGO Challenge.

Ooh, see-through tarps at ULgoods in Japan. I guess if it doesn’t block light, it must have less mass.

Interesting thoughts from Mark – he reckons he gets less gravel into his shoes when running than walking.

John Hee likes the new TGO magazine layout and been protesting in the New Forest.

Geoff C’s picking up on the public authority that wants to increase the fees for the emergency services using the radio spectrum. Pen-pushers, sheesh. There are links there to the full yarn, and where to lodge your distaste at the uncivilised nonsense we are asked to put up with in the UK.

Tom Mangan asks some pertinent questions: Backpacking: solo or in a group? and Is the economy spoiling your outdoor fun? Being an antisocial lazy oik, I prefer not to spoil other people’s fun and so mainly walk solo. And, yes. The drive to my local outdoors playground is a 4 hour round-trip. Along windy roads, I amn’t getting great mpg. But, if I have multi-day trips, and go hiking in my (fixed) holidays, I can go on walks and wildcamp,saving money, getting fitter, and seeing the countryside. Maybe I should dust off the 08 summer plan, and get ready for 09 with the “St Olav’s Way (Oslo to Trondheim)”  or some other long-distance route.

Cameron’s got a write-up of the walk that appeared in the latest “Adventure Show” on BBC2 Scotland: Stuchd an Lochain. And talks about the new look TGO magazine.

Martin also talks about the new-look TGO and gets out for a walk after writing up a kit list.

And TWiT has moved to talking about blogging, so I’ll end there and get a hot chocolate drink to wind down for the evening.