Friday, 24 October 2008

Hy winds fordcast

Hy winds fordcast, originally uploaded by dimacleod.

I hope tomorrow's wind forecast is a typo...for the sake of these people still encamped. I know it is only scotland, and not the yukon, but winds gusting to 1100mph is still a lot.

Oh, and ellis brigham in fort william are knocking 50% off tnf samples. And if you're going to 'abuse' gear, don't post videos of you doing so on youtube and then try and get your money back on them in the shop.

Having spent an afternoon in "the garrison", i couldn't help notice the profusion of missing letters from town signs. From the "statio b " to a "hote " for the weekend, it was as if carol voderman had turned to a lif of crim. The only incidence was when one chap accused gayle of queue-jumping in morrison's cafe and then fails to see the irony as he sends his woman off ahead of me to grab a seat. They sounded like incomers, despite the weather, everyone seemed happy and full of life. We even saw two gents who had walked in from tyndrum, where they had been in the same hostel. Well done, even if 'anon of the yukon' disagrees.


WD said...

But still nowhere as fast as that fart of yours you measured. ^_____^