Sunday, 12 October 2008

Sunday Night Catchup

I’m taking the opportunity to scroll through the 762 outstanding posts that are lurking around on my Google reader. In the background I’m streaming the online premiere of Stirton Production’s “One Day Removals” from the Raindance Festival site. Andy and Ronnie currently discussing who they’d punch if they had the chance (“nae bodyguards, just a free punch”).

From the blogs:

I signed up to Michael Knight’s … oops, Ken Knight’s podcast.

Alan was having difficulty with the Ordnance Survey, so a government body is looking into it. Which is nice.

Andy says “Why do people keep dying in my van”… as I read American Bushman’s blog, including a survival pack for his van (spooky coincidence). Also there, a Vitamin B patch to help fight mosquitoes (I tried taking the pills against midges in the past); cooking in cans (strange, as Tinny sells cans to cook in). I’ll not mention his fight to lose weight. otherwise I’ll feel guilty.

From The Goat – an early Christmas idea.

Bastish and Tomoe’s rice harvest is in, straw packed and the persimmons are getting bigger. The pictures here took me back to playing in the haystacks on the crofts in the long hot summers of youth. The only negative point was a grumble about a hiking guide.

Bearded Git posted his trip to Outdoor Trade Show 2008 with Darren. He then posted more information on the new Thermarest NeoAir. And here.

Big Kev digs out his collection of warm tops, and writes about the kindness of a Trail staffer.

Robin almost put in an application for the TGO Challenge, but bought a pair of iGloves, and talks about his work.

Well, the movie is over, and I’m down to 631 outstanding blog articles to read. Flippin’ Nora, we’ll be up to Web4.0 by the time I’ve caught up!


American Bushman said...

LOL! Thanks for the nod Dunc.

How's the hiking going?


AktoMan said...


I've not been sneaking out and exercising and not writing about it.

But, this time next week, I should be at the north of Loch Lomond, encamped on a paying campsite, with facilities, as I head up the West Highland Way again. I know I disliked the route pounding ("if it's no sh*t, it's covered in it"), but what the heck, it is reasonably local, and I only have a week's holiday in October.

Oops, I seem to be making a 95 miles trek sound like a Sunday afternoon saunter.