Thursday, 16 October 2008

Second Second Life

Had a fun afternoon at a training session on Second Life. Leads up to a 1-day event I’m hoping to get on, which looks at using virtual worlds in education (video from last year’s conference). I’ve been following what Julz has been doing, and as I used to be a role-player, and MUD witch in the mid 80’s, I can see myself getting hooked on it.

The class was well organised, using a ‘SLURL’ (new term of the day).


I sit attentively and listen, wondering where my feet have gone.


Gavin has certainly changed since he left to work for another institution …


I couldn’t find a toilet …


Hmm, a definite theme developing here … which reminds me, I must remember to print out a star map for next week’s trip.


One of the chaps looked at the avatars’ names and said he had a theory about the names people chose in Second Life. I had to explain that mine was named after my tent. Yup, I spent the afternoon as Akto Mannonen. Well, there was a limited number of surnames to chose from when I enlisted, so it made sense.

And before people think that this late night/early morning post is because I’m off developing my money-making scheme … no, my washing machine is still playing up, so I’m keeping an eye on it as I try hacking the settings again.


Dawn said...

Mmmmhhh, interesting, bet there are no midges, how about rain, sleet and snow?

AktoMan said...

I honestly don't know, Dawn. The tutor mentioned that there was a natural wind in Second Life.

Fallen snow would be a texture, but I don't know if you can make it slippy.

Midges - maybe someone has scripted the effects of them?