Saturday, 25 October 2008

The effing effer effed up

The effing effer effed up, originally uploaded by dimacleod.

Yup. Finally on a train out of glasgow. A group of youths are loudly recounting the exploits of their trip. No-one seems to mind the vulgar terms, so nothing is said. Train from fort william was late due to waiting for a late train to pass us, making us late and meant i had lost my seat reservations and had a long stand in the station. This after the lack of info from staff about revised eta in case driver had made up time. Staff were noticeable by their absence. I legged it off the train and round to the empty platform, 2 mins too late for the train out, 58 mins early for next one. Pack off, sit down and wait for fight with ticket mannie, which didn't happen, so i can relax and enjoy the trip as british summertime ends today.


Taffy said...

What you need is get home, have a long hot soak and a hot toddy and off to bed. I really enjoyed your blog of the WHW, even though you found it so hard going. Ignore those negative comments....its your blog and you write it from the heart. Good for you! Taffy

AktoMan said...

Thanks, Taffy. It was tea, wine, pizza, film ("The Great Escape", purely for the "Good luck" scene at the train station), crisps and waited for "Family Guy" season finale. And talked with Mike about how the film is doing, and the Japanese release of the last one. Blatant plugs there ;-)

Thanks for enjoying my trek, I'm just surprised that people drop by. It cheered me to meet Mick and Gayle, and they remembered the problems that I had written about two years ago (finding the Row' bothy), and so were better prepared.

As to negative comments, well, I try and ignore them, but, as you might gather, I often find it difficult. It is just the way that my brain is wired. Seeing them in print makes them more real than if said to my face, where I can communicate directly and deal with the comments there and then. But I don't want to remove the ability of free speach. For which there will always be mouthy gits, but hopefully overwhelmed by people offering constructive critiscism (i.e. not a trite pat on the back for failing). Heck, once upon a time, 47 miles would be something major, now it is a failed trek during my October holiday. How times have changed. And I don't know if that is for the better.