Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Club Night

A close-up taken with the Nokia 6220c phone’s 5mp camera (with flash). Do I care what applications the iPhone 3g has, when the camera on it cannot approach that on the Nokia (at the moment)? I can guess that it will change, but such it the marketplace in mobile phone technology. And we users can only benefit.

Long live the Digital Revolution.

Image175 (Large)

28mm WW1 figures painted by Hugh. Wall by Games Workshop. Ruined church by Hovels.


WD said...

I prefer to use a camera, much better results than a camera on a phone.
So an iphone is ideal for me. Great apps, the wordpress one is amazing, twitter apps, email, voip, im, all the apps I use on a phone when away from a pc. Plus some pretty decent games as well.
But as you said everyone uses a phone differently. The camera side for me is less important than the app side.

chasrle said...

Apologies if this is a repeat - first comment didn't show up. Link below may be of interest:

AktoMan said...

...and when I'm in the back of beyond, I can't access the 3g network anyway, so many of the apps that you mention are of no use to me. When I get access to the 3g network, I'm in an urban environment, possibly near a computer.

After getting screwed by O2 over the iPhone mis-advertising, I looked at what I was using my mobile phone for, and went accordingly ... and then returned that one and got a similar phone from a different manufacturer.

AktoMan said...

Thanks for that, Chasrles. I have a few books on WW1 that I am reading just now, and even illustrations and photos from the time fail to convey the horror of the slaughter that these young men went through. I think that empathy must have a natural cut-off point, otherwise insanity would be contagious.

As photographic technoloogy was developing, there are a couple of useful sites I have accessed: and