Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Return to Sender

With a song in my heart, I'm just off the phone to my provider, and I'll be returning the Sony Ericsson c902 tomorrow.

After a couple of days of mediocrity, customising menus and a software upgrade, I gave up on reasons to keep it after it kept dropping signal strength when Darren called me earlier. A call that the K800i had handled with no problem was cracking up, and we were both in our respective urban abodes too, and not mobile. I'd seen the signal strength bars fluctuate from full to nothing when sitting on my desk.

So, I went to the local O2 shoppe and looked at some handsets. My needs were:

  • keyboard visible for hot text action.
  • 5mp camera with good reviews.
  • lens cover to protect lens from scratches.

Amazingly, very few phones met that spec. Of the phones available to me, the Nokia 6220 was the only one. I went home, and looked at the writeup. Apart from build quality and a slightly weaker battery, it compared well with the c902 (here). Plus it is loaded with extras.

Aberdeen sky

This is the last photo I will be taking with the phone as I decant back to the K800 for a few days. I have been with SE for my last 3 phones and my relatives seem to enjoy the cast-offs.


dwabbit said...

Im with 02

have a look at the xda stella

ive just got one upgraded from the orbit

its a good little phone
has a qwerty keyboard,GPS and inbuilt camera .with a req tweak you can geo tag your pics
it runs windows mobile so memory map works well on it as well as tomtom

and loads of other apps
like Finger-Friendly Friends for email a geomap to your blog

John Hee said...

amazing really-the basic things a mob tel must do is stay powered up & get a strong signal. So why is it the most common complaint that many models can't hack that after all the years of design

AktoMan said...

@dwabbit - no instant keyboard and no lens cover. This phone'll be for 18 months, by which time the smartphone market might have settled down (or an iPhone worth me having).

@John - or a mobile that you can use in a mobile capacity. I saw some guy on a forum write in reply to poor battery life (eg 1 day for some phone): "that's what the charger is for".

Michael G Clark said...

I have a phone. I phone people with it and text. It's a phone, don't ask me what kind it is.

Lauren the artist girl has started a new blog and mentioned a renaissance fair in San Francisco. I sent her a link to your photos from drum castle last year. You should say hi.

AktoMan said...

My mobile allows me to post here on the go. It may not be a great leap forward in the march of humankind, but it titillates me.

Having a camera on the phone allows me to post photos here too. Might be poor quality, but maybe it captures a scene until I can update the photo.

It wasn't long ago that texting was seen in the light of "why do you need it, why not just speak to someone". These days texts are seen as an important communications system.

With devices integrating, we seek what we see as important for our own uses. It is as personal a choice as our mode of vehicular transportation.

AktoMan said...

Oh, and is there a link to Lauren's blog?

AktoMan said...

Everywhere I look, there are adverts for the Nokia 6220. If all goes well, I may have it by the end of next week.