Saturday, 16 August 2008


I was never a Kate Bush fan, but this song came to mind when I was writing about last Sunday's trip out and realised I had lots of photos of clouds left over. Like on the trip to Lewis to see the folks, I seem to become fixated by the weather when it is important to the day's plans.

IMG_1561f IMG_1575f IMG_1576f IMG_1578f IMG_1581f IMG_1593f IMG_1592f IMG_1591f IMG_1590f

The photos are just taken with the point-and-click Canon Ixus 950 IS, and the only filters were the 'scenes' I played around with on the camera. The "Underwater" one does weird things with the light.


paulmartin42 said...

Methinks thou doth protest too much from where you (often) sit there's one person who could be mistaken for her

AktoMan said...


paulmartin42 said...

ahhhh .. not sure if I am that worried but my online dictionary (hotforwords) returns no answer for ROTFLMAO