Sunday, 3 August 2008

The Adventure Show TextCommentary

Me: Did you remember to set the recorder for the adventure show?

Him: Yes, days ago. Set to keep as well.

Me: It started on time. There was Martin.

Him: What about me

Me: Half o face obscured by fishing boat mast. Beside Dawn. Mark Alv's on now.

Him: Saw Martin.

Me: So far better coverage than I thought.


[gear section with Chris Townsend starts]

Me: Watch for the midges

Him: Oi, Chris isn't that small

Me: He'd commented on how bad the midges were n walking into loch to escape them.


[sfx: play loud music to drown out interview]

Me: Did the bellringer follow the challengers?

Him: Bellringer O_o

Me: New Englander saying what Freezerbag Sarah said about hiking in the US mainly in woods so no view. I recognise the unnamed 1st year chaps. One reads my blog

Him: Bob just been on is a great guy

Him: Mr Grumpy

Me: The [larger] of the two?

Him: No, bearded guy

Me: I'm losing track

Him: 5555555


Ended with some chatter about the new DVD that Cameron mentioned across on his blog, spotting John Manning, Chris, Kenneth Knight, Alan and Phil. I won't bother with the usual nit-picks. Others can do that. At least the BBC decided that the 29th year of this massive duration event was worth covering, and what was shown was a good cross-section of people. Well done to all involved.


wd said...

I see you are selective in the bits you post from the conversation :P

nothing about how fit the female presenter was... tut tut tut


AktoMan said...

I did text you, asking your permission first. As you did not receive or reply to the missive, I changed the other party to be merely "him" and removed certain descriptive comments regarding the lady that was interviewing Mr T.

Also removed were the "Grey Man of Ben MacDui" references to Mr McN.

Also removed was the parallel texting to Mike, describing "a meal fit for a Klingon" and the gear-watching that I was doing.

Big Kev said...

I hope VisitScotland were watching. That was an hour long advert* for our wee country, right there. Put it this way, it made me want to run ootside and do exciting stuff and I flippin' well live here :o)

*Might be an idea to remove the midgies via televisual jiggery-pokery first tho'.

AktoMan said...

Aye, someone doing the Cape Wrath Marathon cited that as a reason for their move north.

What a shame, that so far today, the "British" Broadcasting Corporation's iPlayer has failed to show it.