Thursday, 7 August 2008

Happy Bunny

After the debacle with the iPhone, my phone provider stood by an arranged deal, and a new Sony Ericsson (1c2ses) C902 is winging its way to me. A 3g phone with unlimited Internet access and a 5megapixel camera. That's why I've been playing around with blogging bigger photos via

Of course, I've read that some people have had poor experiences with their C902's, and the flash isn't as good as it could be. So far, I've been 'lucky' with my Sony Ericsson experiences. Or have others just been unlucky. That's the downside with reading online reviews.

Shopping list: a new "Body Glove" holder, and eventually a bigger M2 memory stick (I'll swap my existing 1gig card into it).

I can't see myself using the phone in any new and exciting way. I have a k800i already, so can listen to music through the built-in speakers, I can take photos with the camera, and can email them to the blog. I can also text, and even make phone calls. It isn't a convergent device like the iPhone, but I'll see if any new software is available for it. And in 18 months time, I'll see what the new communications technology and battery systems will allow me to upgrade to.


Big Kev said...

I got a K800i for me birthday. I didnae realise that's what you had. Stand by for some brain-picking :o)

Peewiglet said...

Congrat's on the new phone :) New kit is always a joy and a delight.

What's a 'Body Glove' holder, though?

*wonders whether is missing out on new kit buying opportunity*

AktoMan said...

Big Kev - nae problemo, min. Be guid tae parliamo in ae civulised tung insteed o that Sassunach banter.

AktoMan said...

PW - a "body glove" is a protective 'skin' for a mobile phone. Due to the cunning design, I can still text and answer calls without removing it from the case. I tend to remove it when using the camera. It has protected the phone from a few drops. The belt-clip is removable, and springs out if pressure is put on it (eg when some fat lump forgets to remove phone from belt before sitting down in car).


Mmmm... new kit. Shiny :)

John Hee said...

Body Glove - I tried one and thought itpants to be honest. Nowhere near enough protection

Martin Rye said...

I want one.

AktoMan said...

@JH - as ever, everyone's needs are different. It isn't waterproof and isn't a hard case (like I have for my point-n-click camera). Out on the hills it either lives in my waterproof or windshirt, or inside an Exped bag in my rucksack lid.

As the glove stretches over the 18 months, I've had to cut an extra bit in the plastic so I can use the phone's joystick. And the closing strips are a bit thin as it tries to allow access to the front-facing vidcam. A bit of superglue fixed it when it eventually snapped after 16 months of constant use.

Peewiglet said...

Ahaa! Shiny indeed :)

AktoMan said...

I'd found them stocked in Carphone Warehouse.