Sunday, 31 August 2008

Nokia 6220 Classic Menu

Software listing. Having followed the advice from SymbianGuru's 3-part article, I arranged software into various folders, and then re-arranged them on the screen of easy access. However, when I copied the supplied 1 gig SDHC on to the newly arrived (from 4 gig SDHC, some of the programs installed on the card refused to swap over. So this list is really for my benefit as I'll now have to go and re-install the files.


Search. Download. Web. Share Online. WidSets. My Nokia. Music Store. Opera Mini. Spodtronic


My Own (Empty). Recorder. Camera. Games (Marble). Translation ( Italian, Spanish, German, French). PanoMan. ScrnSnapS60. Location Tagger. CellSpin.


Maps. GoogleMaps. GPS Data. Landmarks. Sports Tracker.


Converter. Calendar. Quickoffice. Calculator. Active Notes. Dictionary. Adobe PDF. Notes. WorldMate. Enhanced Calculator.


Podcasting. Radio. RealPlayer. Msg Reader. Nokia Audiobook Player.


Help (Tutorial. Welcome. Help). Archive (Print Online. PTT). Y-Browser. Log.


Sett Wizard. Profiles. Voice Comm. Themes. Phone Sett. Connectivity. Speed Dial. Data Mgr. Speech. Call mailbox. Conn Mgr.

6220 Menu

I like the phone, and think I might actually buy the Opera browser when the trial period ends. Unless FireFox port a version to the S60 Symbian language before then. I was out with relatives last night, and used the BBC Sports live feed to keep them informed of the Andy Murray tennis match. It was gibberish to me, but meant something to them. Until a cousin found there was a 5 minute delay in the report, and got round it by nipping to the pub next-door to the restaurant. Sneaker-net is alive and well.

And finally, I switched the camera's location detector off on Wednesday, even though I had left it with only the option of picking up the location of the phone from the network rather than the battery-draining GPS system. By Saturday night, I was down to 3 bars of energy (from 7), despite 'normal' usage plus Internet. A more reasonable battery life than I had experience on Monday and Tuesday. Signal strength has been good, far better than the returned Sony Ericsson c902.


AktoMan said...

Apps that did not move across: Opera Mini.'s translators (, and took all 6 this time. Enhanced calculator.

I'm installing them in the phone's limited memory this time.

Dawn said...

yikes, too complicated for me. Never thought of you as an opera fan before

AktoMan said...

Boom tish. More a G&S fan.