Monday, 25 August 2008

Don't be a div, wild camp responsibly

There's a good article by TGO's Cameron McNeish across on his blog: Wild Camping in Scotland

There is still confusion in Scotland about wild camping. The law is clear on the matter. If you do not follow the "leave no trace" rules, you have given up the right to access. If you are not lightweight, you have given up the right to access. Further information posted earlier (epetition-scotland).

Many of the car campers that I have seen (eg outside Braemar) have taken a huge family tent out of the car and pitched it by the road. Sometimes large open fires are started. This is not wild camping. I have heard second-hand of the police going out to move them on, and a couple of people who were hiking got caught up in the sweep.

Outdoor-Access: Be a responsible camper and poster (290kb, pdf download)

We have all heard of landowners dragging their heels about access legislation, and the bias of the media on recent tv. So, don't be a div, make sure you wild camp in a responsible manner (even if you don't use an Akto, and the tent is red).


Martin Rye said...

McNeish has seen the light. A Red Terra Nova Laser Comp - sound chap and he said the Akto was the best;-). Good point Duncan.

AktoMan said...

He seems to have a guilty look though ;-)

Maybe I could run a caption competition??

Martin Rye said...

The prize will be? I vote sweeties but am open minded.

AktoMan said...

I listen to the readership, even if they did sell their Akto ;-)