Friday, 8 August 2008

They're GrrrrRevolutionary

As the Olympics starts in China, I can't help but notice that so many companies are advertising "Oriental" themed products. And then one that stands out is the Tibetan centred Kelloggs advert for Frosties. Tibetan monks feature. But no sign of the military watching folk.

Unlike other companies not worrying about embarrassing China, Kelloggs is blazing the way. Well done.

Any bets on it disappearing from the screens as the ad company gets a wee nudge from the weakwilled executives.

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Story Quine said...

They'll get off with it, if the Beeb can get off with the cartoon 'Monkey Magic' a la Damon Albarn, then they will. It's also a very big nod towards Kung Fu Panda which is far more embarrassing I would say! And what about Jackie Chan and all the rest of it? We've been making a fool of the Chinese for years.

Weel done Kellogs I say! ;-)

AktoMan said...

I fail to see how it is "making fools of the Chinese". Wasn't Jackie Chan trained in the Chinese Drama Academy?

Martin Rye said...

The corporations are sucking up to a evil regime that occupies others land and denies freedom to its people....I ain't watching the Olympics this time as China should not be hosting it...My view and I am fine with anyone watching it.

Anonymous said...

Presumably you'll be leaving the UK when the rights of individuals to a trial within a month is supended.

Martin Rye said...

No but at least I get to vote against the Government that brought this in. And I get to say things against them with freedom unlike the Chinese people who have no vote or free speech. (sorry Duncan for having a moan)

AktoMan said...

Feel free, folks. Just no sweary words or views that are silly.

Heck, not all Greek city states were democratic. And their democracy didn't include women. And lets not mention their record on slavery.