Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Test from Flickr - Take 5

Test from Flickr - Take 5, originally uploaded by dimacleod.

Flick via Flickr. Tested resizing sent image to 800x600 then sent via Flickr, which is set to publish via Blogger at 500 pixels wide. If it works.


Dawn said...

Now then, if I play dead, that pesky bird may come a bit closer and I'll have him.
Lovely cat Duncan, good photo.

AktoMan said...

Sort of, but she's cunning even when she wants a tickle. As you start scratching her, she rolls over into this pose. So you start tickling her stomach. Her legs slowly start moving in, spider-like. If you make a move to stop playing with her, a flick of a dew-claw reminds you who's in charge here.