Friday, 15 August 2008

Cold Turkey

I've been away from the computer for over 24 hours. Though not exciting, I've been focusing on a wargames project that I said I'd get done during the holidays. A few of us at the wargames club are looking at recreating the horrific reality of the Great War trench warfare phase.

25/28mm Trenches (stage 1)

Stage One. Trimmed and glued polystyrene sections to 600 x 150mm MDF (nicely cut to size in B&Q). The sections will be at the end of the 600mm wide base-boards.

25/28mm Trenches (stage 2)

Stage Two. Coated polystyrene with filler.

They won't be as good as these ones, but the aim is to create a modular system of trenches for tense night-time raids across no-man's land.


paulmartin42 said...

"recreate" Just watching the penultimate Blackadder did it for me

AktoMan said...

The pathos of "Charley's War" in the comics I read as a kid did it for me. Reading Sassoon's fictionalised biography, and "With a Machine Gun to Cambrai" just now. They show me how much work Pat Mills and Joe Colquhoun put in to a kids story.