Sunday, 24 August 2008

At beach with 6220

At beach with 6220, originally uploaded by dimacleod.

Took some comparative photos with the nokia 6220 classic and figured out some focussing issues with the zoom.
I switched the geotagging feature on flickr and downloaded the additional program from nokia last night, but the phone comes with the feature anyway. Back at the car, i switched off the gps before closing the tagging program and locked the applications running. I had to switch the phone off and on again. Still, it is fun to learn there idiocyncracies.

--added later--

The focus on the camera requires a gentle touch, especially when zoomed in. After an experiment, it seems that the focus when in "landscape" mode doesn't kick in as the focus is set on infinity, but I'll need to experiment more. Two photos below, one with the full optical zoom. I didn't bother with the digital zoom, as I can do that with the software.

Aberdeen beach Aberdeen beach (optical zoom)

And if you go to the Flickr pages (click on the image), there's a geotag been added by the system for the latter two images. I wonder if it was because they weren't edited. Personally, I'd be happy (or happier) with the data being picked up off the network instead of the GPS. The system was useful in that it backdated the images when the satellites had locked in to my phone. Sadly, there is no easy kill-switch for the GPS ... and now the "positioning" menu (where the options are) has disappeared from the easy to remember Settings -> Phone Settings -> General.


AktoMan said...

Woohoo, the carriage return worked on the text message, It never did on the Sony Ericsson's email system.

AktoMan said...

"positioning" now re-appeared on menu (below "factory settings"). Strange that. I blame the Cylons.

AktoMan said...

The earlier photos were 'geotagged' using the phone's network, but this data isn't picked up when the photos were sent to flickr (sample one and two).

I didn't try with the gps switched on, and the built-in geotagging option, instead using the new Nokia Location Tagger software.

sally in norfolk said...

looks like a cool phone :-)

AktoMan said...

Recharged it after transfering photos on Sunday (leaving it hooked to PC runs the battery down), and that's me just recharging it now. 2 full days of use.