Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Birds down at the beach

Birds down at the beach, originally uploaded by dimacleod.

By late last night i had finished setting up the newly arrived Sony Ericsson c902. I took some photos indoors. I couldn't read the names of books on the shelves across the room. Hmm, i thought.

So i took some more, played around with the settings and generally lost an early night playing with the new kit.

This one is of a selection down at the beach. I've zoomed in and cropped the photo on the phone, saved as medium size and emailed to Flickr. I'll take some comparison shots with my Canon pnc. Except a dog just chased away the gulls.


Anonymous said...

Sent from c902. Battery started reading at 70% tho graphic showed only 1 empty bar. Comments on forums suggest other SE phones had software updates that fixed problems with photo quality. Presently i'm looking for reasons not to return phone as i am not taken by it so far. And screen keeps cutting in as i pause between sentences. Taken me since yesterday just getting it to act like my old k800i.

AktoMan said...

Phone now showing 60% after only looking at blog and writing that comment and downloading the RSS feed for it. Still, learnt how to stop it ticker-taping updates across the screen.