Saturday, 23 August 2008

Snaps with Nokia 6220 Classic

I still have the Nokia 6220's camera to get to grips with, having just found more settings in the extended camera toolbar (white balance, ISO, etc). Here's a couple of shots taken on my way to the shops.

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Outside HMT.


Looking back at the once Triple Kirk.

Full sized images are up on Flickr if anyone wants to see them. I have switched on the geotagging feature, which meant that every time the camera was used, the GPS system fired up to source the location. It seems to stay on too. Also, no location information was uploaded to Flickr. Having to manually switch off the GPS became a nuisance, so I've switched it back to using the phone's network to obtain the location.

I'll leave the GPS system for when I need detailed satnav.


AktoMan said...

found the Flickr geotag activation at: